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We store your fur on site in a climate-controlled fur storage vault for quick service and ultimate security. Your furs will be safe! They will be kept in a clean, cool, and insect free environment until you are ready to pick them up for the next fur wearing season.

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Fur coats in fur storage
Fur Storage & Maintenance

Professional Advice

Cozy mink fur hood
Store Your Furs

Keep your fur coats with a reputable furrier that has a fur storage facility on the premises. If you must store your furs at home, store them in your darkest, coldest closet, away from heat ducts or hot or cold water pipes. Heat and humidity will dry out the natural oils in your fur. 

Custom shearded mink fur, fox fur, and tibetan lamb stole / wrap
Keep Them Clean

To keep your furs clean and fluffy, have your coat cleaned and conditioned by a professional furrier. Professional fur cleaning removes dirt, oils, and make-up, and it keeps the hide soft and supple, bringing back the fur’s original luster, and prolonging the fur garment’s life.

Baby pink shearling coat
Repair Rips & Tears

Before storing your fur coat, examine it if for rips or tears in the lining, for bald spots throughout the coat or cape, and for broken or damaged closures. Only a professional furrier can repair a tear or rip in fur garments. Do not rely on a regular tailor for fur coat repairs. 

Natural Russian Barguzin sable fur cape / stole
Restyle in Summer

If you are interested in remodeling or restyling your fur coat to a more modern look, discuss it with your furrier during the winter or spring months. By performing the work in the summer months, you'll be sure to have your new coat at the beginning of the next fur wearing season.  

Furrier, David Appel, proudly serving Los Angeles for 35+ years
The Artisan Furrier

David Appel.

David Appel is a dynamic third generation artisan furrier and designer with 35 years of experience in the fur industry. He mastered his craft while apprenticing at his father’s fur shop, and some of the finest fur workrooms in Europe and the USA. David Appel Furs was established in Beverly Hills in 1986, and for the last 30 years, David Appel has been serving the greater Los Angeles area David appreciates the challenge of creating new and unique fur garments. He insists that fur coats designed and created in his fur shop will only be made with top quality pelts, superior workmanship, and beautiful designs.

David Appel believes that furs, more than any other fashion item, need to be of top quality. Inexpensive, cheaply made furs quickly lose their glamour because of inferior design, poor skin quality, and substandard craftsmanship. It is important that you buy a quality fur coat that will fit your lifestyle, so it can be worn for many years to come.

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Located in Beverly Hills, David Appel and his trained team will attend to all your fur needs. Whether you want to store or modify an existing coat, purchase a ready-made coat, or commission a custom design, there isn’t a fur related service David Appel Furs can’t provide. In the European style studio and fur shop, you will find a collection that captures everything from the playful and casual, to the haute couture. And if you’re envisioning a Russian broadtail coat, a Barguzin Russian sable wrap, or a playful shearling, David Appel himself will advise you, fit you, and help you create the fur you desire.

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Pick up and delivery services are available throughout Los Angeles County and the Palm Springs area.

We invite you to visit our main website at www.DavidAppelFurs.com

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